So, I decided to end the year with a decent walk today.

Walking was my constant this year

So, I had ups and downs like everyone does. I actually ended up slightly with more good than bad major things when I tallied it up. I thought about it though, and walking has been the one thing I could keep doing basically all year. I should have done it more, but I did keep doing it.

I got some shoes that actually fit me a month or so ago, so I’m still breaking those in. I think they will help me get into the double digits on a walk. Having shoes that actually fit are the best shoes for walking. Never doubt that.

Darkened by setting sun man walking on road

Starting 2023 with achievable walking goals

I have a goal for getting up to a specific walk distance. I want to be able to do a 10k which is about 6.21 miles. My furthest walk I got when I was steady increasing our walks was about 4.5 miles. It about killed me and I had to take a few breaks during the walk(mostly to rest my feet).

I currently can go about 2.5 miles without much issue(just a bit of front foot pressure). So to be able to walk 6.21 in 12 months is less than tripling what I’m currently at. I’d like to do an official walk in an event. I am thinking on doing a 5k in February, but I haven’t decided. It will likely depend on how I feel and how far my walks in the next couple weeks are.

How I ended 2022

So, I decided Friday that I wanted to make sure I did a walk today, to end the year with a good walk. My first idea was to walk to the local YMCA to get that distance (it’s hilly as well) covered and make sure I can start hitting the Y again soon. My guy found out that a comic he’d subscribed to had been forgotten Friday and was found today. So, we decided to walk to the Comic shop instead. We’d both forgotten that they were closing early today. So, we didn’t end up doing what we needed to but the walk was still accomplished.

You see, there’s no such thing as a wasted walk. Every step burns calories and helps my heart, muscles and overall health. Even if I just walk to walk and not do an errand it’s in no way a wasted walk.

So, what are your walking goals for 2023?

I hope you’ve set some as part of or in place of your new years resolutions. Whether it be simply to start short walks on breaks at your job, walking to get groceries or deciding to compete in an event any goal for walking is a great one for you to work towards.

Write them down, make a chart, set reminders- just do whatever you need to do to get more walks in.

Golden 2023

Walking into 2023 like a boss

I really feel like overall I rocked 2022. I know I can do better and that is part of the overall goals I’m setting. 10k in 2023? I can get there. You know you can too i you want. No matter what walking or other goals you are setting, you can achieve them if you follow 5 basic steps.

  • Inspire(decide what you really want)
  • Believe (Your attitude is super important to you getting what you want)
  • Research or train (Find out how to achieve what you want )
  • Plan but stay flexible (No plan should be without wiggle room because life changes
  • Work (No matter what your goal is you need to work to achieve it)

That’s really all there is to it, Inspire, Believe, Research, Plan and Work.

So you have the tools now.

Can’t wait to see you strolling along,


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