Maybe you’re like me and you struggle with being physically lazy. Have you ever wondered how to stop being so lazy?

Why are we lazy?

Well, it’s not really as easy as some make it seem. Humans are innately programmed to conserve energy and do things an easier way when possible. Laziness is just an extension on that nature. Does that make it a good thing? No.

We as culture(at least the world’s western culture) are much lazier on average than most of the rest of the world. Our society has tons of stuff delivered to use or eat instead of going walk around a store. We drive everywhere instead of take a walk or cycle there. It’s taken a few generations, but technology and convenience have made us lazier every year.

drawing of a sloth stretched out on a green couch

How to stop being lazy all the time?

Like most things, it has to be a choice you make. You have to see that it’s an actual problem and decide that you want to change. Like most goals, you can do it with smaller stop gap points on a weekly or monthly basis. Look at your current day routine. Where can you be more active?

Perhaps you can walk or cycle to your job instead of driving or riding on a bus. Maybe you can make sure you prepare or cook at least 75% of your meals instead of ordering delivery. Would it be possible to use stairs instead of elevators? Could you do daily chores around your home instead of weekly? Find those spots where you can do more and fill them instead of hiring someone else or choosing the easier way more often.

Are you really lazy?

Now, this article is not directed at everyone. Some people are not lazy at all- even if they think they are. Needing a break for a few hours isn’t being lazy. Needing to recharge isn’t lazy. You aren’t a sloth if you decide to sleep in on your weekend.

Again, you need to look at what you actually do in a given day or week. How often are you sitting around versus being active? Not having time to legitimately accomplish a task doesn’t make you lazy. There are more than enough of us lazy people around, don’t lump yourself in with us if you are actually active and just feel like your lazy because you occasionally need a break. We all have enough doubts and negativity in our heads, accept your actual faults and work on those.

So I mentioned a challenge didn’t I?

Yep, I did indeed mention one. How would that work? How can one challenge them self to stop being lazy?

I plan to do it like I would any other goal I really want to accomplish. I’ll set actually parameters and a reward if I achieve them. I haven’t clearly laid my plans out yet but it will look something like this.

  • Set a few daily tasks.
  • Set several weekly tasks
  • Set a few particular monthly tasks
  • Set a time frame I’m think 3 months sounds reasonable
  • Decide on a prize I really want but refuse to let myself have unless I succeed at this challenge.

First 2 weeks of my stop being lazy challenge chart

Are you ready to stop being so lazy?

Laziness is one of my biggest issues. It alone is why I have so much trouble keeping weight off. It is what keeps my house a mess. I can and will do better. You can too!

Make sure you put your walking as part of your stop being lazy goals like I have. Walking is definitely a big part of my stop being lazy plan. Exercise, like walking, actually gives you more energy over time.

Can’t wait to see you strolling along,


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