Have you ever thought about your walking routine being barefoot? For many, barefoot walking is just part of their every day life, but what about for those perfectly happy wearing shoes? Does walking barefooted have health benefits?

What is grounding?

Grounding is a theory that walking barefoot on natural surfaces, such as grass or sand can help your health. It’s also called earthing by some. Now, if you have any electrical knowledge you’ll know that grounding is something you do reduce the likelihood of fire and electrocution. How grounding is generally done for wiring is sinking a copper rod into the ground and having it attached to your main system. This works because electricity is naturally drawn to the ground due to the negative and positive charges attracting each other of electricity and the ground. So human grounding is basically saying you’re letting the built of electricity accumulated in your body to discharge into the earth.

Is grounding just new age nonsense?

The concept does seem a little far fetched in someways. We aren’t electricity are we? Well, it really depends on how you define electricity. Basically, every time a cell is created it has an energy charge very similar to how we generally recognize electricity. Most of your main organs are triggered by internal shifts in energy impulses caused by hormones and chemicals your body naturally creates. In fact, doctors and scientist who have witnessed an egg and sperm join to create a new life see a small spark of energy discharge. So really, from the time of our creation to the last beat of our heart we are run by energy almost identical to general electricity that runs your air fryer.

Bare feet in small blue flowers

Is there proof that grounding is good for you?

There actually have been multiple studies done that show multiple health benefits to grounding. It’s not a particularly profitable niche so there’s only been a few studies, but near all show positive results. Basically, earthing has been shown to help in multiple ways:

  • Reduces sore muscles after hard workouts or other muscle strain.
  • Helps yours immune system perform at it’s best
  • Helps with other pain
  • Helps with stress and depression
  • Is shown to reduce red blood clumping, leading to healthier cardiovascular health.
  • Reduces inflammation

Should you walk barefoot more?

Really, this should be at your comfort level. If you feel better by walking more places barefoot do so. There are lots of myths surrounding walking barefoot having major drawbacks. Sure, there is more safety you need to take such as being observant of your trek and watchful for harmful conditions, but there is no reason you can’t appreciate more walks with less foot gear if you wish to. If full barefoot walks aren’t what you want but you still want grounding benefits, then grounding can be as simple as walking around your yard or garden. You could walk along a beach. A few steps in a grassy park would do it.

bare feet on their toes on a wet beach

Earthing is good.

Who knew that hippies were right all along? Going barefoot is good for you. Should you do it? I think everyone can benefit from going barefoot for a few minutes a week outside. Who knows, you may end up wanting to do it far more.

Can’t wait to see you strolling along?


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