We all know by now that walking is good for us. Did you know if you do it regularly it actually can and does change your body. Is it all for the better? Let’s find out.

Walking does a body good.

Both externally and internally walking offers great benefits to your body. Let’s go through a few of those here. First we’ll cover the internal changes that walking regularly will wrought.

  • Your heart: Grows stronger and your rate will slow down as you get more and more in shape.
  • Your lungs: As you walk harder, faster and in various temperatures your lungs expand and work more efficiently.
  • Your muscles: Walking works most of your muscle groups and will make them stronger as you challenge them.
  • Your mind will almost always appreciate a good walk, especially outside and/or with a group you like.

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How walking changes you externally

What you and the rest of the world see on your outside is definitely not the most important part of how walking helps you, but it is a benefit, nonetheless. So, what does walking help with on your outsides?

  • Walking helps to shape and tone your legs.
  • Walking will help you burn fat over your entire body- even hard to lose places.
  • Walking outside will usually keep your skin healthier with limited sunshine and healthy diverse bacteria.
  • Walking is good for your core and posture.

What other good changes does walking bring to your body?

There are other more obscure benefits that you get from a regular walk. Did you ever think about the fact that in a 15-25 minute walk you will usually get your full days worth of healthy natural vitamin D? How about sweet cravings? Did you know that walking 4-6 times a week for 15-25 minutes a day is linked to craving and consuming 30-50% less chocolate and other sugary treats? They believe this happens due to the endorphin release satisfying the brains need for a sweet reward.

There’s more! How about better more restful sleep? Would you consider that a good benefit? Most seem to. People who walk 20-30 minutes a day report the sleep longer, deeper and wake with more natural energy.

Did you know that walking has been shown to help your immune system? Since walking regularly is shown to lower inflammation, it helps your immune system work more efficiently. Studies have conclusively shown people who walk an average of 100 minutes a week or more have fewer instances of illness in adults.

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Are there any drawbacks to your body?

There can be too much of a good thing. Basically, all the negatives that can affect your body are due to one of three possible causes. You either way overwork your body, are walking with poor equipment or in improper ways or don’t take precautions such as skin protection or weather preparedness.

Can you really walk too much? No matter how low impact or easy walking may be, it is possible to over do a single or repeated routine of walks. When you push your body too much it can result in what’s commonly called over training. This can cause strained muscles that may ache longer or even swell possibly get mildly feverish as they attempt to heal.

If you wear poor fitting shoes, socks or clothes it can lead to foot damage, abrasions and even skin irritations and rashes.

If you enjoy taking your walks out doors you need to always be prepared for strong sun exposure and changing weather. If you get stuck in rain or a snow storm it can impact your health in negative fashions.

Are you ready to do your body good?

All the positives that walking can do for your body are amazing. As long as your take care of yourself and your equipment walking can do nothing but help your body and life.

Can’t wait to see your strolling along,


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