Many of us suffer from dreaded belly fat. Even people perfectly within a healthy weight range may have a little pooch that sticks out. Will walking help with belly fat specifically? Can you target specific regions fat deposits at all?

Why humans often have belly fat

Natural design insists on back up plans. It’s true. Fat is a natural back up plan. Basically, we as a species didn’t always have easy access to food sources. In fact, that’s a fairy recent addition to human history. So, like most other creatures, we’re designed to retain excess calories consumed as fat stores for future needs.

We have a few specific areas where fat often builds up the fastest. Those are the belly, hips, rear and chest. Depending on your genetics you may be more prone to gaining to a specific other area, but usually the ones listed above are the most common to accumulate fat first. It’s also hard to force your body to give up it’s back up plan completely. That little excess belly is usually a few days or weeks of energy your body wants to save for future possible needs.

A person measuring their mid section

Can walking target belly fat?

That’s a bit of a split topic. Walking does work your core and burn calories. So, it definitely can help shed fat from your mid section. It isn’t specifically designed for just or even primarily that area though. Walking works most of your body’s muscle groups but if I had to say a more specific target, it would be your legs it works the most efficiently.

Now, burning fat from a specific zone isn’t just working that area. Working it generally strengthens that sections muscles and gives it a more toned appearance. So, core specific exercises may target lessening the appearance of belly fat by smoothing it out some, but that doesn’t mean it targets the fat to shed there faster.

Can any diet, supplement or exercise target belly fat specifically?

Not in the way most want. Basically, fat loss happens in stages and usually the first place to gain is the last you lose from. Personally, my hips are where I lose from the slowest, but for many it’s the belly region.  Diet and exercise are the best combo for fat loss. We can’t really choose where it’s lost from at any stage. Certain supplements can also aid your body to be more willing to release fat as they may convince your system that it has a ready supply of nutrients to go along with the consistent calories you should be providing it.

Are you sure what you’re seeing is fat?

We are often our own worse judge, especially physically. If you look in the mirror and see a ponch in your middle you don’t like the look of it doesn’t guarantee that it’s actually fat build up. If you have at any point in your life gained a significant amount of weight and then lost it, you may have some excess skin there you’re viewing as fat. You might also just have loose skin that tightening the muscles beneath can smooth out and give you more the look you’re seeking.

No amount of any power walking or situps can rid yourself of excess skin, though. Your body can reabsorb some but not usually all of it. There’s nothing really wrong with having a small belly. It is simply part of your journey. If it really bothers, though, there are surgeries that can remove excess skin. Just know, either way you are beautiful.

A person measuring their waist and belly

Do you struggle with belly fat?

You definitely aren’t alone if you do. The number of people who are overweight is steadily growing. Walking can definitely help you or anyone lose excess fat, belly or not. I’m always happy to help if you have questions about adding walking to your days.

Can’t wait to see you strolling along,


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