So, what is the best time to walk? Do you perform better on a full meal, empty stomach or something in the middle? Let’s dig a little deeper into this timing of exercise.

So, is there a “bad” time to set out for a walk?

I don’t mean a time when you can think of an excuse or more or less reason or concern. What I’m more referring to is times when it’s less than ideal to walk inside or out.

Times when you might end up feeling worse after your walk that before you started. We never want that to happen. In fact there are bad times to lace up your shoes and head out to walk the trails or pavement.

Is it all about time of day?

So, is it just because some people are morning people and others die a little inside if they see both 7 o’clocks in a day?

If you truly are the type whose brain doesn’t wake until mid day, then you likely are going to get more out of your walks if you take them later in the day. It’s better to get the walks in when you feel alert than to push yourself to do something that you likely will not enjoy due to resenting the early hour or walking in more or less a brain fog.

If you are more neutral or are a morning person then

definitely take advantage and get your walking taken care of in the A.M.

There are a few advantages to doing your walk earlier in the day:

  • Boosting your metabolism before you take in many calories for the day.
  • Checking the exercise off the list first thing/ giving yourself less time to make excuses or find a sag in your schedule
  • Your healthy blood flow will help you think clearer and may even lead to more ideas or inspiration.
  • It often leads to more sustained energy throughout the day.

What about eating before walking?

Like most things this is going to be pretty individual. One thing almost all agree on that walking very far on a full stomach is often uncomfortable leads to sluggish steps. But should you set out on an empty stomach. Well, that will depend on how far and long you intend to walk. If it’s a jaunt that will take you less than half an hour and you aren’t feeling starved then going out on an empty stomach likely will be fine. Of course if you try it once and you feel like you should eat then do.

Most seem to find it best to eat something like before heading out.

Are there recommended foods?

There are definitely some foods that will serve this light to medium cardio better than others. First, let’s discuss a little more about timing. Most find the best results by eating a snack or light meal 20-40 minutes before working out. Some may need a little more time or less, but on average try this time frame to start with.

On to the list of what you should eat before your walk. If it’s a shorter walk 25-45 minutes or so you generally will do fine on a lighter snack such as:

  • Simple fruit such as a banana, apple or orange
  • Some carrot sticks
  • A piece of toast with or without butter
  • A small low to medium protein breakfast or snack bar.
  • A small smoothie or glass of nutritious juice

Now, if your walk will take you more like 45 minutes to over an hour you likely will want to add a bit more protein but try to limit the fat.

  • Have a tablespoon of peanut butter on your piece of toast
  • An egg or two
  • A 2-3 oz portion of meat and piece of cheese
  • Some yogurt
  • A small bowl of oatmeal with a glass of milk (animal or plant based)

This is just touching on the varieties or combos of food you can enjoy to energize your walk. Just make sure you keep it pretty light. You don’t want to fill full, just stave off hunger.

Now you know all about timing your walk

I hope this post helped answer some questions about when to take your walks and how to fuel your steps. Like most advice take what works for you and customize it to your needs. Though walking is close to one size fits all, when to do it is not. What to eat or even if also isn’t even close.

Now, you know what to do, get to doing it.

Can’t wait to see you strolling along,


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