You’re ready to start but don’t know where. Today, we’ll cover a good beginning walking plan for most. I’ve even made a
Free Walking Plan you can find further down.

Remember, take things at your own pace but just keep improving with each step.

Day One

We all start somewhere on a new fitness routine. Don’t let anyone try to convince you that walking isn’t exercise. I actually covered that before here.

Let’s go ahead and get started on your new walking routine.

So, it’s day 1. The first thing you should do is make sure have taken care of all the following:

  • You first walk location and distance
  • Sensible shoes
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather
  • You’ve been oked by a medical professional or are comfortable monitoring your own health
  • What stretches you will do have been done

Now that we’ve covered that. What are my recommendations for this first day. Use this day as a testing ground for where you’re personal walking program should begin and the end goal. Set your day one/ walk one destination, but if you feel your heart beating to hard or in any way feel unable to continue, stop, take a break (sit if need be) and head back. There is no shame in recognizing a current limit.

Keep a record

I highly recommend keeping a record showing your goals and break them up over each week with the a month as the end goal for each step.

I have made a Free Walking Plan and I want you to use it/ modify it to whatever will work for you.  Please open and save it to your system before Editing. Beginning Walking Plan

Stay Flexible

No fitness plan should be set in stone, especially for someone new to it or coming back after a long break. Make sure you don’t overdo each new step in this program. If you need to move slower or can go faster, then do so.

You’re the only one who truly can judge when to move up or when to step back. AS long as you’re walking further at the end of the month than you were at the beginning you’re making progress. That’s the only  thing that matters. A fitness program is only as good as you make it. That’s why I left the plan above as a document that you can edit. I originally needed  about a month to hit my first mile. I weighed over 300lbs and hadn’t walked further than a a few hundred feet in years. Within a few months I was covering 10+ miles a month and then 10 or more a week. It’s only my ability to work through road blocks, pains and  changes  that allowed me to still be walking today. Anyone has the ability to have this flexibility and make sure you never let it go.

Should you just wing it?

Is a routine even something you need? What if your more of a spontanious sort?

I would still recommend having at least a loose plan. If the thought of using a written plan gives you stress then throw it out. Maybe you can get along with just an alarm on your phone reminded you what days or times to walk. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who’s more friendly with routine and also wants to walk for fitness.

There are several ways you can stick to walking regulalry that aren’t set in stone,but make sure you do keep it pretty habitual. Like most routines, if you don’t stay pretty standard on when you squeeze your walks in, you very easily can  just stop. You’ll say it’s just for the day and that will turn into a week missed. Excuses become easy and, before you know it, you forget your reasons for wanting start walking for to begin with.

Now you have a plan

You should have all the basics now to know how to get through your fist month of walking for fitness.  There’s no room for shame, embarrassment or negativity, though. If you stay to a routine, mine, similar or something totally unique to you, you will be doing yourself good. Maybe you don’t want miles as measurement but just go my minutes. That’s absolutely fine. You can even go by steps if that’s what works for you.

Just always keep your goals in sight. Only you can know what keeps you lacing up your shoes 4 or 5 days a week.

Can’t wait to see you strolling along,


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