Do socks make a difference in your walking workouts? Do you need thick walking socks? Aren’t all socks just socks?

First, should you even wear socks?

Socks are helpful in several ways. So, you usually should wear socks when walking or wearing fully enclosed shoes (tennis shoes). Socks protect your feet from your shoes interior and protect your shoes interior from your foot.

Most shoes have ok padding but no matter the quality eventually the interior will wear down and what they use as stabilizer will rub against your feet. This could wear basically any part of your feet depending on your walking pattern and the shoe type.

Most people’s feet sweat as they walk, even in cooler weather. It may be only small amounts or you may have a much more perspiring set of feet. Sweat will make your shoes smell as bacteria accumulates over time. Heat will make these bacteria that has accumulated begin to rot and voila stinky shoes. Sweat also will lead to your shoe interior rotting faster, as well. So you’ll need to replace your shoes more often.

Socks also offer an extra layer of protection weather such as rain and snow. Some socks also will help with supporting your foot and ankle.

What do I think of socks?

I’ll be 100% honest here. I don’t wear socks often. Generally, I don’t have shoes on for hours on end since I work from home. So, I’m not a sock officiant, by any stretch of the imagination. I do wear socks when I go on medium to long walk usually, though. You saw right, I said usually. If it’s a really hot day, I’m probably wearing shoes that don’t accommodate socks.

What do I want out of socks when I do wear them? I have a few rules for my socks.

  • They have to be comfortable
  • They have to be supportive
  • They have to be well-made
  • They need to allow my feet to breath
  • They can’t be completely ugly

I generally prefer either no show, ankle or calf-length socks depending on the shoes I’m wearing and if I want more or less leg support that day.

Colorful long socks hanging from a clothes line

What socks are best for walking?

If you want specific socks for walking, especially longer walks they should have pretty specific criteria.

You need socks that are more supportive to your legs and ankles. You need them to be breathable so your feet don’t overheat. They need to be comfortable. For the leg support I referred to above you’ll want upper ankle to calf-length style socks.

The material is also important depending on what works best for your skin and what type of weather protection you’re looking for. The best materials for walking socks are cotton or cotton blend, wool or wool blend and alpaca or alpaca blend.

Are there any particular socks I’d recommend?

If you have a good brand or type of socks you prefer and that have worked well for you keep using them. I though am always looking to better my choices. A while back I came across some certain socks that I am absolutely loving. They are a type of compression socks and they are more comfortable and wearable than any type of compression sock I’ve tried before.

Now these particular socks break with the mold of fabrics I’ve recommended above, but I forgive them since they blow me away with their benefits. They’re made with medical grade nylon infused with microscopic copper ions

They are called CopperZen Compression Socks and I purchased them without a second thought to try them out when I read about the benefits they stated.

Supports Healthy Circulation

Relieve Aches and Pains

Prevents Foot Fungus & Odors

Improves Stamina

Increases Comfort

Now, you may have seen similar claims on other compression socks, but any I have ever tried before started pinching my calves after only a couple hours. These are great for 8+ hours of wear with no pinch. I’ve worn them on multiple walks and I have had way less twisted ankles and knee swelling then I tend to get if I walk a lot.

They also are decent looking socks.

Copper Zen Socks

So, if you’re looking for good health promoting supportive socks for your walks check them out.

By the way if you decide to purchase from these links I may receive a commission as an affiliate.

So, what kind of socks work best for you?

Socks aren’t likely to make or break your walks. They can help in several ways, but I have and you can get on with or without them. If you want to perform at your best and support your health further find good socks to go along with the rest of your walking gear.

Can’t wait to see you strolling along,


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